Sorge und Kapitalismus

Web Installation

Audio Realisation: Michaela Ehinger / Christoph Korn
Web Development: Martin Kliehm
Production: Hessischer Rundfunk 2005
Editor: Manfred Hess

The german word “Sorge” (lat.=cura) means something like charity/worry/care and Kapitalismus=capitalism

The sound installation confronts precise time data announced by one voice with another one offering poetic and associative words. Every hour a time engraving is produced randomly, and is stored in an archive accessible on the website. From this archive the machine reads time engravings, and, at the same time,selects simple terms (female voice: Michaela Ehinger) for describing the human body.

All the time engravings are stored in an archive that is accessible via the WEB site. Around 10,000 engravings are created each year.


Video: "Sorge und Kapitalismus" as room based sound installation at media art festival Transmediale, Akademie der Künste, Berlin, 2007
Photos: Andrea Kroth

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Audio Live Realisation

Michaela Ehinger / Christoph Korn
26.11.2005: Live at Hessischer Rundfunk / Frankfurt
Text: Christoph Korn, using textfragments by Martin Buber, Paul Celan and Frantz Fanon.

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